“Aligning Artists and Creative Brands”

Passionate about creating partnerships through events, digital media and other platforms, we help artists better achieve their creatives pursuits while brands benefit from the greater awareness.

We are an independent label, music publisher and brand marketing agency founded in 2009 by Mark Nguyen, based in Los Angeles, California.

Reach out to us at contact@planetlarecords.com

Meet the team

Mark Nguyen – Founder

Mark Nguyen is the founder of Planet LA Records, established in 2009, the same year as the launch of When Planets Align, a songwriting project along with Juanlizh that features global and emerging artists. He is a yoga teacher and college professor of global business and marketing and graduated from UCLA & UCLA Anderson with a BA and MBA.

Erik Roithmayr – Digital Media Manager

Erik Roithmayr helps oversee Planet LA Records social media presence, and helps manage the 2021 intern team. He is a freelance social media consultant and educator, and also founder/CEO of Quantum Social, LLC. Erik received his BA from Hampshire College and MS in digital/social media from USC. Follow him on Twitter @emr04

Heather Allen – Artist & Media Relations Manager

Heather Allen has been with Planet LA Records since she was an intern in 2013. Since then she has grown into her role of Artist and Media Relations manager, in which she applies her skills and connections towards her work in live events and music journalism. She is also the founder of music interviewing and coffee appreciation podcast Crooners In Coffeeshops.

Intern team

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