When Planets Align “The Death of Us”

When Planets Align is a songwriting project by Mark Nguyen (lyricist) and Juan Andres Lizarazo (composer) launched in 2009. They have since released four albums featuring dozens of artists and performers from around the world in the alternative, pop and rock genres.

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For Your Consideration


Best Alternative Music Album

Planet LA Records is pleased to share For Your Consideration the latest album by When Planets Align, recorded in Bogota and Los Angeles in 2019-2020, released on June 30, 2021.

  • Lyrics by Mark Nguyen. Music composed by Juan Andres Lizarazo.
  • Featuring vocal performances by Boogiewhip (Validation, Redemption, Something Just Wasn’t There, My Greatest Muse), Gabe Kubanda (The Death of Us), Shalini Varghese (The Death of Us, Validation) & Diego Garcia (Stepping Stone).
  • Producers Sergio Martinez and Federico Perez in Bogota with support from Joshua ‘Cartier’ Cutsinger in Los Angeles.

The album tells a real tale of love, grief and transformation from the loss of “what we had and knew…”

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